“Two developers working on one computer” Is it so simple? Pair programming is a widely known style for practicing programming. Still, it has intermittent acceptance in the industry due to its varying results in short term. A lot of benefits of pair programming show up when practiced for long terms. Based on surveys many developers and organizations failed to understand the benefits of pair programming when exercised for a short duration(POC).

In this story, I am going to talk about what is pair programming, Styles of Pair programming, the benefits, and challenges of Pair programming.

What is Pair Programming?


If you are looking for creating a static website with minimal effort and easy-to-use Markdown markup, Jekyll is the best option. Jekyll is a static website generator. It takes text written in your favorite markup language and uses layouts to create a static website. You can tweak the site’s look and feel, URLs, the data displayed on the page, and more.

Jekyll has built-in support for GitHub Pages.


Jekyll requires the following:

  • Ruby version 2.4.0 or higher
  • RubyGems
  • GCC and Make

Directory structure of Jekyll sites using gem-based themes to define the look of the site. This results in a…

“Microservice Architecture” has attracted a lot of attention in the last few years. It focuses more on modularity and Domain-driven design. In short, it's a variant of Service-oriented architecture(SOA). In this article, I am going to talk about what is Microservice-driven architecture, design patterns for well-defined Microservice architecture, and the pros and cons of this evolutionary design.

What is Microservices?

There is no single definition for microservices or I can say definition evolved over period Industry made a progress on digitization. It's an architectural style of defining service interfaces around business capabilities and domains.

Microservice architecture is an architectural style…

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